When You #Flearn, You Don’t Always Bounce

Often when you hear about startup failure, you hear the about failure in the light of later success. You hear the retro-fit story of what happened, what happened next, and how success when it came, arrived through struggle, serendipity and sheer hard work. What you hear is the “grand narrative of failure”. These grand narratives are seductive. They draw us in because they offer what all good stories offer – a beginning. A challenge to overcome. The struggle. The stumble. The final success.

But these stories are hard to tell in-the-process because failure is almost indistinguishable from success. After all we just need one more. One more week. One more client. One more opportunity. Investment. Developer. Or chance.

Sometimes, the founder will snatch success from the waiting jaws of failure. And they do so by having a relentless focus on not just a “grand narrative” but on the next small step.

What does that look like?

Take a look at this video. Watch the precision. The rework. The focus. Watch how each next attempt is based on a learning that has come from failure. It’s what it takes to truly #flearn.

When commitment pays off…

Posted by Extreme on Sunday, 19 July 2015