Great Product but will the End Users use it!

This is a short tale of how I thought I had a great idea and revolutionary product until I spoke to my customers.

I was working on a Physio Rehab Mobile Application that would allow Physio’s to assign exercises to their clients. Clients would then get reminders about when to do their exercises and shown animations on how to do them properly.

I thought it was a great idea and I believed it would have so much value until I spent some time talking to my trial customers and learning more about what they do and how they work.

  • What I found was that they already had existing systems where they record all the information for their clients and that they would need to have a person replicate this data every time to signup a new customer on my website.
  • There was also an issue of┬áreceiving┬ápayments for small amounts. How do we take the credit card and would people be willing to give up the credit card for a $2 payment.
  • There was also a problem that each treatment room didn’t have a computer with internet so they could access the website to set the exercises.
  • We also found the Physios were so busy that they didn’t have time to use the website and it would slow down how many customers they could see each day.

The Flearn here was that you will always have assumptions or hypothesis but in the very beginning you need to talk to your customers and understand their daily lives, existing systems and how they are currently solving the problem in order to understand whether they will ever use your great product!



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